Sunday, November 23, 2008

Enjoying our son!

Life at home is incredibly different but so AMAZING!!!!! Our love & joy grows daily for Josiah ( doesn't seem possible but it does) He is so much fun & a great baby! He loves his food & his sleep ( who doesn't though:) He is already growing in so many of his motor skills. He is constantly doing new things with his hands & loves his feet. Tummy time is still a challenge but everyday he lasts a little longer on the tum. He loves, movement, lights & listening to people talk. Cereal 3X a day has been very successful. Next week we are starting some new foods Yae!!! Praise God he has moved on from Ethiopia time & basically sleeps through the night. Wakes up a few times but we just put the binki back in & he's out again. WOW! He also loves the car & as soon a we start the car he is out. He does very well on outings with Mom & Dad.

God continues to prove how faithful he is by pouring out his Love & Grace. The biggest way he has done that is through all of you! The miracle of adoption has blessed us & enriched our lives & has allowed us to experience our God in a whole new way. In the last 5 years I experienced weakness, emptiness, lost, confusion & stretched beyond my own will. Only can a loving God replace all those things with healing, joy, peace, fullness, growth & strength! He has moved & rearranged my heart to draw near, hang on & trust Him in a mighty way. And now the very verse he brought me so many years ago comes full circle......
"For the woman who could bear no children now has more than all the other woman," says the Lord"
All that means is that now I have more of Him in my heart by going through struggles & because he allowed me to understand His timimg Not mine....I now have my greatest gift, my son! ( makes you think about the sacrifice of his son!!!)
I pray that anyone that is going through any kind of hardship that you hang on to God! He is the only one that will carry you & give you light! You may not feel like he is there but Trust me he is! Seek him 1st with all your heart mind & soul & let him fill you with his amazing Love! Your reward of peace is coming!


Anna Illaine said...

He is SO HANDSOME!!! He looks just like you too!

Kiki:) said...

We are so happy for your family!!! God also healed our hearts with the miracle of Zoie! He knows our deepest pain & longings!! He restores our faith & heals the brokenhearted!! Your post touched my heart this morning.
Thank you for sharing!!
love you lots,

Anonymous said...

Amen! God is and always will be there for us. His timing is always perfect, even though we may not think so at times. It is amazing how he can use adversity and hard times to draw us so much closer to him and the blessings are so much sweeter as a result of that! Josiah is a handsome little boy, and I am so incredibly happy for you!

Shelley White

small world said...

What a precious post! We pray you and your family will have a very blessed Thanksgiving!
Love, The VanWetten Family

PS Etsegenet would love to see your son again. I showed him to her on the blog and she was very excited and happy to know he is close.