Monday, August 25, 2008

Sharing the news!

Snuck in to Jax auditions to share my most precious news about Josiah w/my closest friends:) Love ya girls! Not to mention the 2 new soon to be mommies in the pic! Yea Baby Mav & Douglas!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Josiah's Crib

Here is a sneek peek.......

Wahoo!!!!! We Got Josiah's crib today! Mi Papa~(who is in Costa Rica) has been so excited about his grandson that he so graciously bought us Josiah's crib. Its has blessed me so much that he has wanted to take part of Josiah's life being so far away. He plans to come visit after we get Siah home too. Its so cute because he wants to make sure that Josiah knows him as his "Nonno" Which is grandpa in Italian:)
So we thank you Nonno!!!!!
Sam & Ana & Josiah

Thursday, August 21, 2008

We Have A Birth Date

Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Precious Josiah is 4 months, actually almost 5 in a few weeks. WOW!! His Birth date is April ~2nd~2008.

And the Winner is.............My Brother Chad w/an April 2nd B-day..................Sister Annie came in second w/an April 4th B-day LOL!!!

This news made us so happy to know his official B-day, it just feels complete! So now we can celebrate the day that the Lord picked for him:) Gosh he is such a Big Boy already!

Chk back soon, because we are getting more info. on an expected Travel time. Please continue to pray for baby's health & That we can bring him home quickly:)

Another quick note..... I have my first official Baby shower today....I am so super excited. I feel like I need to be pinched, Is this is really for us? WOW! I am over filled w/JOY!!!! There are more showers to come & can't wait to celebrate w/all of you that have supported us through this journey. Thank you My sweet "Apples of Gold" group for my shower today:)
Thank you all for your constant support!
Love & Blessings,
Sam & Ana Nunez

Sunday, August 10, 2008

God's Timing

My Dearest Son,
I wrote this as I was waiting on God to reveal your sweet face to us. He truly carried me when I was weary. His timing is perfect & His blessings are amazing!

God’s timing is a funny thing.
An interesting, peculiar funny thing.

It has no rhyme or reason, or an answer to its way’s,
But, God sees what lies ahead for us as we trust him day to day

If you allow His perfect time to captivate your soul,
It will gracefully fall upon you & richly bless your role.

Its character is discovered through our trials and our pain.
But it’s been said TIME can heal, and you realize there is no one to blame

As you’re consumed by His timing, there is a stillness that seems to linger
Your clouded vision only sees that your dream will slip between your fingers

Slow down my love and take God’s hand
He’ll lead you to your hearts desires.

So much He wants to show you child
Please walk along His side a while

God sets a steady pace for you,
And hopes you don’t rush by

Our dancing hearts leap ahead
We run & run and wave goodbye.

There is a path that’s meant for us with a time, a date & place
Walk and discover treasure, run and you will loose this race

The blessings you will miss by racing His perfect time.
A wall is what you’ll come across, but still you begin to climb

Hanging on with all your might, just to gain a little ground,
Grasping on to your “perfect” plan…what an empty hollow sound

Exhausted you let go & give up the mighty fight
Your back where you started, what a shameful sight

You slumber in to a little ball, embarrassed like a child
“Let me dry those tears my love, and hold you for a while”

Love & Grace show up and fill your empty soul
Thank you Jesus for your ways, not mine, not mine at all!

Its through the same mistakes, we learn to wait on Him.
Embrace the pain, break through the wall & let him come on

His precious ways are higher & greater than what we can imagine
Like a kiss that was blown to you from you’re Truest & Highest companion

God’s time can be refreshing if we let it stand in its perfect place
Let Gods timing unfold with in you,So this time you can win the race

It will be your greatest joy, truly your hearts desire,
A gift wrapped up in brilliant color……

The gift to finally be a mother! ( It was worth the wait)


This sour, spongy bread is astaple of Ethiopian cooking and is served at nearly every meal. InEthiopia, injera dough is made from a sourdough starter and teff (agrain that is often available at health food stores and organicstores in the United States) and is allowed to ferment for threedays. My version maintains the nature of injera but streamlines it tobe doable in American kitchens by offering the option to substitutewhole-wheat flour for teff flour, adding baking soda for leavening inplace of the traditional starter, and using yogurt to add thecharacteristic sourness."

Ingredients: 2 cups teff flour or whole-wheat flour (don't use stone-ground flour)1 cup all-purpose flour1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda1 teaspoon salt1/2 cup plain yogurt3 cups club soda2 tablespoons clarified butter (see page 2) Directions: Whisk together the teff, flour, baking soda, and salt in a largebowl. Whisk the yogurt into the club soda, then stir into the flourmixture to make a smooth, think batter. Strain through a sieve orstrainer to remove any lumps. Grease a large skillet with clarified butter and heat over medium-high heat. Pour 1/2 cup of batter into the pan in a spira, startingat the center, and cook for 20 seconds. Put a lid on the pan and cookfor an additional 30 seconds. Transfer to a plate and cover with acloth to keep warm while you cook the remaining injera. Makes 12 Flatbreads.

Ingera is made from a cereal grain that is unique known as Tef. Though t'efs is unique to Ethiopia it is diverse in color and habitat. Tef is a member of the grass genus Eragrostis or lovegrass. T'ef will grow in many areas it is not an easy crop to farm. One problem in particular is that the weight of the grain bends the stem to the ground.
Fortunately for the Ethiopian Jews ( and all Ethiopians) depends on Tef Ingera, as a staple of their diet. Tef is nutritional miracle food. It contains two to three times the iron of wheat or barley. The calcium, potassium and other essential minerals are also many times what would be found in an equal amount of other grains. Tef has 14% protein, 3% fat and 81% complex carbohydrate.
Tef is the only grain to have symbiotic yeast. Like grapes, the yeast is on the grain so no yeast is added in the preparation of ingera.
Tef is milled to flour and made into batter. the batter is allowed to sit so the yeast can become active. When the batter is ready it is poured on a large flat oven and allowed to cook. This process is much harder than it sounds and it is recommended buying from an Ethiopian Market or Restaurant in your area. Make sure it is Tef Ingera not a substitute Western grains.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The most updated list!

If your following along these are the stages the America World Families are at. If you have a chance, please keep them in your prayers. I remember when our name use to be at the end of this list. Amazing we are in the "waiting for a court date" category now! Trying to stay faithfull & strong as we continue to wait on God's timming! As soon as we have an aproved court date we will attaching Josiah's pics. We can't wait to share him with you all:) Love & Blessings

Traveling August 8-16:
Ducommun, Cox ,Moles, Moutsos

A chance at court August 6:
Wempe,Wistrom, Schmidt, VanWetten

Waiting for court:

Have referral -finishing paperchase:

Top 10: ( that we know of)
Tennant,Juvinall,Forrest,Howley, Gamble,Witter,Sloniger,Stager,Pridemore,Savage