Tuesday, December 30, 2008

9 Month Update

Josiah had his 9 month checkup yesterday and ALL is well. Let me refresh your minds as to how big he was when we recieved him. His height was 24' and he weighed a whoppin' 16.8 oz. He was in the lower percentile in all categories. Well, yesterday he was measured at 27" and is 19.6 oz!!! In other words, he hasn't seen a spoon-full of full he doesn't like! He is eating pure' from all types of veggies and fruits. Ana has taken on the amazing responsability of making all his food from scratch, well, after it's grown and picked anyways. Sweet potatoe, peas, green beans, pears, apple, and of course rice cereal. This also means that the diapers get a little more interesting after every meal as well! Woohoo....or should I say PeeYeewww! The other update is even more miraculous. Siah was diagnosed as a carrier of TB and showed a VERY possitive result of being exposed to it. Our other update yeaterday was that since he has had NO caughing, no signs of sickness, and no fluid build up, that we get to decrease the intesity in his medication AND we only have to go see the dr. every other month rather than every month! Praise God! Christmas went well and Daddy got an amazing gift from Josiah...."Dadadadadadada"!!!!!!! That's right, Siah said dadda for the first time on Christmas eve! Another gift only given by God! Love you!

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Gift of Time...

I don't think anyone expected " The Deep Freeze" of 2008, but what a gift it has been in my heart. Its amazing that an experience like this can make you STOP & appreciate so many things....warmth, shelter, food, family, safety, security & time!

This Christmas I truly received the gift of Time. Sam had a whole extra week off of school because of the weather, so we had such rewarding time together. Of course time with our baby boy was the greatest gift of all for both of us. We got to nurture him as he is entering his teething stage. we got play, read books, sing, dance, cuddle, & watch him grow & do new things daily.
I had such great time to reflect see how God has worked in our lives. God has used this gift of time to teach me about being completely in the present. I try my hardest to soak up every detail of Josiah, to absorb these moments of him laughing, smiling, crying, sleeping, eating, moving his hands, grabbing his feet, babbling, cooing...such small things but so big in a mommies heart. I still stop myself as I am watching him, not believing he is my son. I still cry remembering the day I held him. I still take deep breaths knowing he's here to stay:) I have yearned so long to be a mother that I don't want it to slip by. I want to always remember what I truly longed for was those small things. The things I felt I was missing out on that makes you a mother. So being blessed with time allowed us to pause and be still and be in the NOW! I know in the business of the Christmas season it could have flown right by & we would have been off to the next holiday or big event in our lives. But WOW.... we got trapped & experienced our 1st Christmas as a family in slow motion. We got to focus on the Lords ultimate sacrifice of his son as we embraced ours.

God also continues to humble my spirit when I want to jump in to the future of what is next for our family. He reminds me that just like Josiah was planned all along, the plan is already in place for whatever is next.

And as I reflected and searched my heart some more, he reminded me that a few months ago I had written a poem about God's timing. He whispered to me......"Right now, this moment,this experience is my gift to you......Remember"

And so it was the final phrase of my poem.....

"It will be your greatest joy, truly your hearts desire.
A gift wrapped in brilliant color, A gift to finally be a mother!"

This Christmas I really did unwrap my greatest gift:) Thank you Lord for answering my prayers & remembering!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Message from Sam Nunez:

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Josiah's 1st Christmas.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Siah Laughing with Mommy

Monday, December 15, 2008

1st Snow Day

Let it Snow! Josiah had his first look and feel (brrrr) of snow yesterday! He was bundled like a little smurf/marshmellow. Being that it was so cold, we did not let him touch it. But today we will let him get a little messy:-)
To update you all on his health...well...he's fine! He's a normal little boy with a spirit that takes your breath away. He smiles and laughs more than we ever imagined. We are very excited to spend this holiday season with him and know this is a special time for our family. Stay tuned for more pictures!!! We love you all! Enjoy the pics!