Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dadda's Little Man

"What The.......I've never heard such a thing" Yep! That's right. That's exactly what our developmental specialist said when she heard the noises our little monkey/donkey makes. For those of you who don;t know, Josiah gets SOOO excited when he eats that he makes this enormous hyperventalation sound that sends guests into a quick panic and making all of them race to see who can call 9-1-1 the fastest because they think we have a choking baby. Well, along with our developmentalist visits, we recently encountered what EVERY parent loves....his first cold! Since it has lingered for a longer time that usual, Ana thought she would take him in this morning and see if there was anything wrong. He checked out TOTALLy healthy. Not only did we check on his health, but we also were curious to see where his height and weight had blown up to. Well lets just say he has grown 2.5lbs and 2 inches every month for that past 3 months. He is now 22.5lbs, and like 3,000 inches....I mean this child could tough "High" if you asked him to. We have a Minut Bol case on our hands. (those of you who dont know basketball...ask your husbands...or dads)
Proud of our little beast to say the least. Love you all! LOL!!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Looking Back....Mom & son

How can it be that its been 3 months already since we've been home with our baby boy!Josiah is an amazing & happy baby. I am in constant aw & praise to God for matching us to him. Gods plan still blows me away when I look back on the journey.
My love for Siah grows daily in a way that only the Lord is showing me how to do. I just read something that reminds me that I too am an adopted child in to Christs family. Praise God that he has no expectations of me....just loves me for who & where I'm at right now. I pray that my heart will surrender to that same kind of love for my son. I don't need to worry about him doing or not doing a certain skill for his age or being or not being at a certain point for his age. I pray that my heart will continue to wrap around the thought of unconditional love for him for who & where he is. I just need to be his mommy, hold him, look him in the eye, connect with him, nurture him, provide for him so he will feel secure, loved and so he will know he is with his forever family! I can't even explain how he has enriched our lives..... We love him so much it hurts:) I wonder if he even remembers anything about Ethiopia & the TH. I wonder if he feels at home yet & if he sees us as his parents. Only time will allow that to be real in his heart as we continue to bond:) At the end of this month he will be dedicated. That just blesses my heart so much. Being able to give this child back to the Lord is the most safe feeling ever. There is a song that I play for him every night its called "In His presence & protection" The words truly explain my heart towards my son & my heavenly Father.... ( I used to not be able to make it through the 1st 2 lines w/o balling, I do much better now:) Its a short & simple song but the way its sung...well it just melts your heart!
Beautiful the evening, we have had a special day...You & me together!
Your a gift of heaven, you have changed my life so much & I thank God for you.
I lay you down in His presence & protection...
Lay you down, in His arms
Lay you down, in His keeping.... in His presence & protection

Since the early morning you have made your music, sung your heart out to the sun
Now the mist of evening has made a dew upon the grass, caught a sparkle in your eyes
I lay you down in His presence & protection...
Lay you down, in His arms
Lay you down, in His keeping.... in His presence & protection

I will give thanks for a life you have shown,
For I am so grateful for all I have known,
And for the life that is yours to bestow....In his presence & protection

I love you my sweet Siah, I lay you down tonight & forever in His presence & protection!!!