Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Video~ Grab tissue

5 months, 5 months, 5 months...I say it over & over because I can't believe it has been 5 months already since this lil boy has come in to our lives. This child has blessed us more than I could ever describe. And even more unimaginable My Lil King is turning a year tomorrow! My heart sinks when the reality of that sets in. So tomorrow we will celebrate his birthday, but today I celebrate 6 months & the miracle of adoption. 2 Countries 1 Family! Gods plan is awesome! Only the author of our lives could know the details of our hearts and then perfectly hand pick our children. (or even create them in the womb) It's sure not a thing we understand, but He knows.
We were not sure how our lives would totally change when he arrived, but we are truly amazed by the heart, laughter, and joy our little king brings. From his simple cooing sounds, to him rubbing his eyes when tired. Every last detail warms our hearts and makes each and every moment of the "paper chase" worth it. To see our little guy turn 1 tomorrow is a miracle. We will have a simple celebration with some local friends and family, but we really want to send a prayer and thank you to ALL the loving nannies and care takers that helped raise Josiah for the first 7 mos. of his life. And for his loving mother who we think about so often. We will always thank you for allowing your son to be placed by God into our family. This celebration is in honor of you and what you've done.
Over the past 5 months we have experienced alot! But none of them can amount to our one special moment when our closest friends and family gathered at our church to witness our little king being held and prayed for by our loving pastor. His dedication to the Lord has allowed of family to feel secure about his health and upbringing. It was truly a special time!
A special family put this video together for all of us to see. Words cannot describe how we felt when we saw this for the first time. To see ALL our friends and prayer worriers holding their little kids is a testimony to how great of a God we serve. To see how God picks all of us one by one and unites us as family...has forever changes our lives. So tonight we celebrate adoption and the lives it had and will continue to bless! We love you guys!