Wednesday, May 6, 2009

He Walks!!!!!!!

Since he has refused to crawl for the past 7 months we thought we'd just let him get around another way and...well...this is what he is choosing!

Dedicated to the Lord

On Feb. 22nd, Josiah was pubically dedicated to God and we are so excited for his little heart. We know he is on a path of greatness and humbleness. God Bless you Siah! We would like to thank everyone for their support and being there for his special day! You came from near and far...and we are very thankful to have you all in our lives!

Siah's 1st Birthday!

These tell the story!

Monday, May 4, 2009

A year in Perspective

Just think. One year ago we were just anther family in waiting process of the adoption rollercoaster. No face with our name, no eyes to look into, no picture to pray over, and definitely no clue when we would start the expansion of our family. Well, here we are. Less than 1 year later. LESS THAN A YEAR!!!!!!
And we are parents of the most amazing little king. Josiah Desalegn Ramon Nunez is now 13 months old and growing into a little precious being. His mannerisms are those of a special little creation from a mighty God. The long and treacherous flight home almost seems unreal. All the pain, fatigue, tears, sickness, and scared feelings seem to have died along with the fear of waiting for our new little man! Our lives have only been together for a simple and short 8 months! We have been together shorter than a mother who goes full term with a baby in her womb. We are considered mere acquaintances in the relationship world! But on this and forever...we are family! And we couldn't be more proud yet humbled by the grace of God. To know our price has been paid and we now get to walk life boldly understanding nothing is impossible with God!
Well, I wanted to let you all know that our little Josiah is far from little! He is saying Dada, Momma, Up, and is making more funny faces than we know how to react to. His demeanor is that of a sweet little boy who has been waiting for a mommy and daddy like us to release himself to! Each an everyday is something more. And we couldn't be more excited. We are forever thankful and forever in debt to such a graceful God.