Monday, July 27, 2009


Could it really be that a year ago in July, our lives changed forever! Our match day will forever be imprinted in my mind. Sam coming to my work in tears, shaking & excited all at once. Racing home to get in front of that computer, that seemed to take a life time to start and pull up that picture. The picture that captured my heart. There was our lil boy we had waited for, for so many years. That 2 month old lil boy that had eyes bigger than anything I had ever seen:) That lil boy that I got to call my very own & he would know me as mommy! There he was my son, my lil King, My Josiah....that God had hand picked just for us!

My sweet boy has come so far since we brought him home. I now don't question if I can do this mommy thing with a child that didn't know me from birth, because with God by my side, I can! I now don't question if he will love me as mommy, because the look in his eyes tells me he does! I now know that with love, prayers and the security of a mom & dad he will grow to be a healthy, strong, tender hearted man of God. He's here for a purpose & we're so blessed that we get to be the ones to lead him to that calling. Not to mention to be the ones to rock him our my arms, to kiss his owies, to make him laugh & to see all the firsts in his life:) My life was forever marked that day July 18th 2008 with the blessing of my son ~
Josiah Desalegn Ramon Nunez

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

In 14 days will mark 1 year since we recieved our referral!!! And in the past 8 months we have been on a long journey! In the past 2 weeks our little man has gone from taking a few steps from couch to couch to now walking laps around the kitchen!