Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Summer Fun!

Summer Time!

We have not posted in a while but that doesn't mean we stopped taking pictures and videos. What an awesome summer! Watching Josiah walk, run, play, and now start to talk (well...jiberish anyway). It has surely been an action packed few months. Not to mention we ended it with our 12mos. Dr apt. only to hear the most SOLID heart beat we have ever heard! That's right...we were officially removed from the "high risk" pregnancy category and are considered a "normal/on track" pregnancy. However, we have refrained from using the word normal because we all know it's everything but that! This is a miracle baby that has been delivered to us through prayer and blessing. We have felt the army of prayers backing our every move as we have progressed in this. So we are officially 12 mos and 2 days. Our due date is March 25th. We are yet to know that gender, but we have only had 1 person say it is a boy. Everyone else thinks it's a little girl. Any predictions?
Josiah is on his way to being 2 years old...that for sure!!!! He is 17mos., but he sure has the tendancies of a 2yr old. His ability to test mom and dad are top notch! He has learned how to cross his arms when he doesn't want something and has made a living by closing drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. He is truly beginning to show his personality. We are in love with his abilities to play and laugh. He laughs at anything that makes a loud noise. Especially when we play basketball in the driveway. When the ball hits the rim/backboard he laughs histerically! Here are a few pics/videos of our awesome summer!