Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our crib & info on it.

Yea!!!!!!!!!!! Our Crib came a few days ago:) We are so excited to put it together.
A few people have been asking about the crib so here is a lil' bit of info......

Its actually a crib that grows w/the child for 7 years. Its starts round as a bassinet & it keeps extending out to... a crib, toddler bed & junior bed...then when they are all done it splits, in to 2 half circles chairs. Cool huh! I did a lot of studying on it & finally made the decision. It's spendy but also an investment for may years & for the next kiddo's to come:)
The Company is called STOKKE. They make about 5 things ( highchair, stroller ect..) & they are all created to grow with a child.
Hope that helps:)