Friday, September 26, 2008

September Update

Well here's the latest...... we received our Travel Packet a about a week ago. It's amazing that we are at this point in the process:) This means we are begining to prepare some of the details of our trip. (Let the packing begin )We still have no travel date as of yet, but every day is another day closer to bringing Josiah home. This time it really is around the corner & not 6 months out. There are about 6 families that have attentive dates on October 8 court! If they get approved they will head off a few weeks after that.
That means we are the 3rd family next in line after they travel.........We are soooooo close!!!!!!!!! God willing maybe end of Oct/Beginning of Nov. Please keep the court dates & flow of the approvals in your prayers as well as all the families traveling & of course all the kiddos coming home:) You will all get to meet Siah soon & kiss his lil cheeks off:)
The nursery is finally done too:) So weird to say that, even more weird to know there will be a baby in that crib soon:) I'll post pics of that soon or come by & peek if you want:)
Love & Blessings,
The Nunez's