Monday, November 3, 2008

Embracing our Son...

How do we even begin to explain the feelings going through our minds, hearts, and bodies this morning when we woke up.  Our excitment levels quickly turned into nerves and anxiety about 30 mins before we met our new little king.

We started like a normal day.  Breakfast with all the families, (BEST COFFE EVER), then a 10am coffee apt with Rachel (our coordinator) for an orientation.  After another cup of coffee and some was time!!!!!

After being told it was only a 5 minute drive from our lunch spot to the transition home, our video camera was on and our hearts were racing!!!  Again, there are NO words that describe the feelings during those brief moments as we approached our life changing blessing.  Dun-Dun-Dun...And there they were.  The big, solid, nerve racking, green gates :-)  We got out of the car, took some pics, and entered the courtyard with all the other families.

At this point, our stomachs were eating our liver!  AHHHHHHH.  We knew what was inside that house and we knew we were standing in the place we have been dreaming of for years.  All of our visions and wonders were right before us and we could hardly stand it.  Each child was brought out in alphabetical order by the last name of the parents.  Which meant we were going to witness 3 before it was our turn.  And when that time came, Ana lost it!  Her heart and soul that had been poured out over the last 5 years had come forth and she was in a state of rejoice and overwheling joy!  Tears flowed as Rachel peaked out of the house with a little bundle of love.  Just waking up from a nap he was little confused but had no problems placing his adorable little head against mommy's chest for what would be an amazing moment!  His face, eyes, ears, nose, and smell were amazing!  Everything we had seen and assumed was REAL!  He felt like ours from the minute his warm body was layed in our arms.  Little Desalegn is ours! 

After a few minutes had passed and our faces were shriveled up from tears:-) we headed in the house and sat down to observe, kuddle, smile, and embrace our baby.  We had MANY firsts today!  His first smile, spit up (on daddy),bottle (w/mommy), nap (mommy rocked him), and we met his best friend.  A little boy who has the same background as Desalegn! 

We spent the entire day at the transition home playing and loving on these kids.  They are so loving and joyful.  Our hearts are filled with a humbling that can only take place in a place like this.  Nothing in life warms us more that to see kids play,smile, hug, kiss, and enjoy the very things that God has blessed them with!  Today is a day we will never forget and tomorrow we get to bring our little one home for the first time!

If there is anything we can ask for from all of you, it would be to pray.  Simply find a minute to pray that our travels and Siah's adaption process goes as smoothly as possible!

We love you all!


PS....we want to post pictures for you all but our internet is DIAL UP.....yikes!  So we have limited or no connectivity.  We may have a chance to do it tomorrow if we can stop at an internet cafe.






To the families we have packages for:  We met all your little ones today, but will be giving them their gifts and taking more pics tomorrow.  They are being VERY VERY loved by everyone in the house.


Joner Family, your little princess was wearing pretty blue dress today!  She was sweet and content!  We will keep working on making her smile!


Stagger Family, Million was in a bumbo when we walked in.  He is soooo little and cute!  When we got there he was wanting to be fed so he let everyone in the house know about it:-)  He ate and was content for the remainder of the day


Sparr Family, It was a blessing that we got a chance to interact with your little girl.  She was very affectionate and wanted to be right next to Ana all day!  She is very sweet and is going to love her gift!


Sam Nunez


Jaime said...

tears flow as i read have a way with describing everything. blessings to you...i'm dreaming of Africa today for sure...

Anonymous said...

I am dying amazing, this is it!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting all morning for you to post so thank stomach was in knots all morning, Ana you know what I mean :)))) Love you guys so much and I am there in spirits and cannot wait to meet him!!!!!!!!!!!

love you! Amy

Robert said...

I am speechless hearing about your day! How wonderful!
Thank you for the bit about our little girl. You don't realize how much I needed to hear the exact words you wrote! God is good!
Love and prayers,

Sherry said...

Wow! The emotions of your day are reflected so well in your post. What a precious day for your family! Thank you for sharing it with us. We will continue to pray for every detail of your adoption to go smoothly.

Blessings! - Sherry Semlow

Zack and Rebecca Caldwell said...

Wow! How awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us. We hope to see pictures soon!

Jori said...

I am so happy for you guys!!! You expressed your feelings so very well ~ Thank you so much for sharing with us!!! Enjoy your rest my friends ~ tomorrow "life" begins!!! :):)
love you, jori

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging. I can't stop the tears.

...He will give you the desires of your heart...

Love to your sweet little family of three. Can't wait to see a photo of the three of you together at last!

Rhonda G.

Steve and Anna said...

dear friends!!! we are crying with joy for you! We have been praying a lot here and we will continue to! We hope you can soak in every minute of God's good gift!! He is so faithful and amazing! Thank you also for the note about our son! That is the most we have ever heard about him! :-) You have blessed us beyond words today! SO much love to you and soo many prayers!!!

Charlie Daggett said...

Praise God, I'm thrilled for you.

Stina said...

God has truly blessed His children today. I'm so excited for you guys and cannot WAIT to meet King Siah!

The Krist Family said...

Hallelujah! We serve a gracious God! We have you guys in our prayers.

Jess said...

My eyes are full of tears of joy for you guys. What an amazing day! A day you will never forget! I can't wait to meet Josiah! I hope you can get a smile out of Jalene:) We are praying for you!

The Joners

Anonymous said...

mi querida hija tu papa y yo estamos orgullosos de ti Dios nos bendijo a ambos con alguien tan especial como tu y al mismo tiempo Dios te ha bendecido con un hijo como Josiah tambien.. te queremos tus papa.. my dear daughter your dad and mom we are very proud of you God bless us with a child so special like you are and also God bless you with a son like Josiah too. we love you mom an dad

Anonymous said...

I woke up with a smile yesterday morning with the thought that you guys would get to meet your baby that day. I know you get to bring him home today, yay! I'm so excited for you. Blessings to you, we're still praying! Ana, I'm officially blog-stalking you-can't wait to here more. love to you, Christy

Kiki:) said...

I'm weeping never gets tiring sharing "Gotcha Day" with our friends!!! We are thrilled to read your vivid post on your beautiful experience!! Its almost 8PM in your part of the world, so you are just snuggling with your precious son. Sweet sleep & dreams!!!
We love you!!!
Nunez FAMILY!!