Friday, November 7, 2008

Headed Home Today!!!

Hi all:)
Sorry we fell off for a while but its been a rouh couple of last days. We have been sick:(  However since so many of you have lifted us in prayer today is a better day for Sam & I. Little Desalegn may have a bug but its so hard to tell at this point, what he could be sick from. So many changes for him just as there is for us. We thank you all for your prayere...God has heard them! Please continue to pray for the journey ahead:) We are ready to be home!
God has also sent us angles to watch over us. The families we are traveling have helped in so many ways. We are forever thankful to the Laughner family. For alll the big and small things they did for us. Including visiting Desalegn's orphanage when we were to sick to go. This is where he came from & they  took pictures, video, & brought back info for us. Josiah Desalegn will now have completion to his story WOW!!!! What a blessing for him & us:))))
Mom, Amy & Tracy...Thank you for calling, I really needed to hear your voices!!!! And to the best husband in the world who took care of Siah from the beginin cuz mommy couldn't. Sam fills my life so much, this journey would not have been posible w/o him!
Well, we will see you all soon:)
I love you so much!
Ana Nunez!

Sam Nunez


Kim and Jason said...

So glad you are feeling better. We have been thinking about all 3 of you and sending you super healthy and happy vibes. Have a safe journey home!

Charlie Daggett said...

I'm praying all the way.

Jori said...

SO glad you are feeling better - Praying you home!!
love ya, jori

Jean said...

Hey guys - I have LOVED stalking your blog while you were in ET. Thanks so much for sharing all of your words, your heart and your son with us!! Praise God for the miracles of life!!

DTE: 08/08/08